Buttermilk Monterey Biscuits

Moist, flaky, buttery and salty. These biscuits will make you happy, happy, happy!  I like to serve these biscuits with fried chicken, but they make great sandwich bread for anything from a fried egg sandwich to a pastrami sandwich.

Shepherd’s Pie

Shepherd’s Pie is the perfect way to use leftover roasted meat of any kind and leftover potatoes of any kind.  A St. Stephen’s Day pie is made using leftover turkey or ham.  A Cumberland pie is a version using breadcrumbs on top instead of potatoes.  The English also make a similar dish with fish known as fish pie.

Madeleines, the perfect tea cake


Madeleines are very small shell-shaped sponge  cakes.  The flavor is similar to,  pound cake, but the texture is much lighter.

Traditional recipes include very finely ground nuts such as almonds.

“Over and  over again

I keep tasting that sweet madeleine

looking back at my life now and then

asking: if not later then when?”

Pet Shop Boys “Memory of the Future”