Pear Tart – as delicious as it is lovely.

This pear tart, typically Parisian, is called tarte bourdaloue in France, and is the pride of any French patisserie.  Traditionally, it’s filled with almond cream, however, this recipe skips that (and the calories) without forfeiting any delicious flavor.

For some of the almond flavor, try adding a touch of almond extract to the marscapone instead of pear brandy

Pear brandy
Pear brandy

Pan Seared Sea Bass with Yellow Corn Sauce

When yachting, most people just naturally lean toward eating fish.  After all, you are on the open sea.  This pan seared sea bass with yellow corn sauce is a delicious dish that is as good-looking as it is tasting. It rivals any you could order in a high-end restaurant.

Yellow Corn Sauce – Great with fish!

This silky smooth  yellow corn sauce melts in  your mouth  like butter.  If you really want your plate to look beautiful and taste delicious, just pour this sauce in the center of the plate and top with your favorite protein. Try it with seafood, pork or chicken. You’ll  have a home run!