Grilled Halibut with Mustard Dill Sauce

Grilled Halibut is delicious because the technique of grilling brings out the sweetness of the fish.  It is a highly regarded food fish, which is causing it to rapidly become depleted.   The name is derived from haly (holy) and butt (flat fish), for its popularity on Catholic holy days.

Methods of Preparing Halibut

Grilled – Usually marinated first because of it’s low fat content.

Broiled – Usually marinated first because of it’s low fat content.

Seviche – When it’s freshly caught, there’s nothing better then make seviche using lot of fresh lime juice, some sweet and hot peppers and a little onion.

Chili Con Carne Texas-Style without beans

This texas-style chili con carne recipe was adapted from the Arkansas Razor Back chili team and provided to me by Nancy and Wes Fetzer. It is rich and spicy without the beans.

After making your chili con carne, try a “slinger”: two cheeseburger patties, hash browns, and two eggs, all smothered in chili.    Other great chili combos: french fries and chili, hot dogs and chili, baked potatoes smothered in chili and cheese